Watch Me on Hulu (again)

Much to my surprise while exploring Hulu a few days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting find:  my play, which was turned into a movie, is now available to be viewed on Hulu!Love Overboard

That’s right, “Love Overboard” is now available for your Hulu viewing pleasure!  To be honest, when I first saw it on the suggested videos, I laughed.  Then I panicked.  “Love Overboard” was filmed in front of a live audience in the midst of a run of performances, and I had NEVER watched it before.  Emotions ran high during this tour – and with live theater, it’s very hit or miss really – sometimes you have a great night performing, others you’re not at the top of your game.

After watching it, my performance was ‘aight and not as bad as I thought it would be! I know we are our own worst critics, but I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long way since.

Watch.  Enjoy (or not). Leave a comment!




My Vintage 1975 Honda CB360 #ThriftThursday

When I was a teeny tiny kid, my dad rode a motorcycle. It was one of those big ol’ cruisers that you see highway patrol riding around while wearing bad ass aviator glasses…now that I think of it, my dad often rocked overly-moussed hair with gold necklaces and partially unbuttoned shirts, so I’m pretty sure this phase was heavily influenced by a CHiPs fantasy. Regardless of what spurred this very 80s lifestyle choice of his, I was in love with the bike and became enamored by the idea of one day owning a motorcycle of my own.

Fast forward to last week and that fantasy finally came to life. Well, sort of. As if by fate, I found a gorgeous 1975 Honda CB 360 for sale on Craig’s list, and in line with my love of bargains, after a bit of back and forth facilitated by my very own motorcycle connoisseur Bruce Wayne, I bought this baby for a mere $500.

1975 Honda CB360

What she looked like before the previous owner took her apart

What makes this a #ThriftThursday find you ask? Well, the fact that I found the same bike for sale elsewhere in LA for $3400. Do the math.

How did we get such an amazing deal on a bike that STILL RUNS?! Well, the kid who owned it took it apart in order to customize it and never got around to putting it back together. And because I have awesome people in my life, I bought it as-is and am getting it custom built…er, reassembled. I don’t know which is the correct term for it, but I’m getting my bike! Check back for regular updates on the new love of my life :-)

CB 360

Getting pieced back together

I have a dedicated Instagram account to chronicle my motorcycle building process, so make sure you follow @TheMotoKitchen !


My Latest Finds #ThriftThursday

Last week I went to my favorite Goodwill in search of a regular, plain ol’ maxi dress, the kind that you can wear out on a casual stroll or dress up with the right accessories.  I’ve been looking for one without any luck, so I assumed this trip wouldn’t yield any results.  Well, not only did I find the maxi that I wanted in black, but I found a second one in red, along with a Zara dress, a Vero Moda dress (which is what? a slightly higher quality than Forever 21?) and a blouse…all for $32!

So what if it's a photo of a pile of clothes, I'll post pics of me wearing them soon enough!

So what if it’s a photo of a pile of clothes, I’ll post pics of me wearing them soon enough!

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Confessions of a Second Hand Shopaholic #ThriftThursday

I don’t claim to know a whole lot about “Fashion”, and I wear whatever I happen to be in the mood to throw on most of the time.  But, I have a confession to make: I love shopping…for used clothes.

In my younger years, I loathed the idea of heading to a second hand store – if I was going to wear it, it had to be new and preferably from a store none of my friends shopped at.  As I got older and my love of vintage clothing really started to set in, I realized that those fashions from the 50s and 80s that I loved so much had to be authentic (the quality of the materials back then are far superior to the cheap, flammable fabrics so prevalent today). And the only place to find authentic era-specific clothing was at vintage and second hand shops. I wish I had a closet full of vintage collectibles, but my tastes aren’t just limited to that.  For me, it’s more about the excitement of essentially treating shopping as a scavenger hunt – and it is now both my addiction and stress therapy.

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Best Healthy Recipes

So many recipe videos, so little time! Well, I’ve actually had quite a bit of time on my hands these past few weeks, so I took to YouTube to see what meal inspirations it had to offer.  Check out a few of my favorites:

Comment in the video and let me know where to find your favorite healthy recipes.  It’s pilot season, mama needs to look good on camera!


New Year’s Fitness Resolution Made Easy

We all know the routine: every year, at the start of the year, we set some idealistic (and sometimes lofty) goals about getting in the best shape of our lives. Eat healthier; get a gym membership; actually GO to the gym; have a six pack. Sound familiar?  Although I am a firm believer in the importance of setting goals, for some reason it seems as though when it comes to fitness we tend to bite of more than we can chew. I mean look at me, I STILL haven’t mastered my acrobatic skills on the uneven parallel bars!

I think the reason fitness goals tend to elude people so easily is because it’s often hard to know where to start.  Recently I’ve partnered up with a really great and free iPhone app called Applause to create some fitness and health videos.  And here to start you off on the right foot with your new year’s resolution is a guide on where to start at the gym: with full body workouts!

So what are you new year’s resolutions?  And what do you think of the workouts featured in the video?


XBox + Wine = XBox Wine

Turns out I have a knack for creating things. Not useful things like, say a bookshelf or an app that helps you avoid your ex boyfriends, but entertaining things…like web series and TV shows.  This fall I combined my love of gaming with my love of wine with hilarious and oft disturbing results.

Enjoy all 8 episodes of XBox Wine!

WARNING: We get loud and we curse a lot, so this may be NSFW.



I can talk about how I’ve been absent from my blog, or about how I plan on ‘relaunching’ by the new year because I have things worth writing about, but nah! Instead, I leave you with photos from last night’s Latina Magazine 30 under 30 party. Enjoy!


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Gringa Latina & Streamy Awards

Alright folks, today is a big day: it marks the season finale episode of my comedy ‘Gringa Latina‘! Have you been watching? If not, it’s ok because the show was actually made to be enjoyed in a single binge watching session, so have at it:

And now that you’ve done that, I would really appreciate it if you took a moment to nominate us in the ‘Best Comedy’ category in the Streamys. It’s super easy, all you have to do is follow the link and submit. No major commitment, no inputting all of your details – just click to vote!

Gringa Latina Streamy

Thank you for watching!